Organisms That Do Not Move Do Not Have Brains

"Organisms that don't move, don't have brains. Trees don't have brains, bushes don't have brains, flowers don't have brains. In fact, there are some animals that don't move during certain stages of their lives. And during those stages, they don't have brains."

For example....

"The sea squirt is an aquatic animal that inhabits oceans. During the early stage of its life cycle, the sea squirt swims around looking for a good place to attach itself permanently. Once it finds the right rock, and attaches itself to it, it doesn't need its brain anymore because it will never need to move again. So it eats (resorbs) most of its brain. After all, why waste energy on a now useless organ? Better to get a good meal out of it."

I thought you might enjoy those quotes above. They are not from Moshe Feldenkrais, though I bet that was the first person that popped into your mind. The quotes are from a webpage that I am reading and enjoying the heck out of: A primer on evolutionary psychology from Leda Cosmides & John Tooby at the University of Calfornia at Santa Barbara.




  1. That explains why when I sit for a long time at my computer, or watch a boring movie, my brain seems to have left me.

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