Norman Doidge: A few words about Feldenkrais (free audio)


Sparked by Norman Doidge's new book which speaks about the work of Moshe Feldenkrais and by the 2015 Brain Science Series created by my friend, colleague and mentor Dr. Ruth Buczynski, I have been doing a bit of online research into recent media mentions of Moshe Feldenkras and his work. I found a very insightful interview with Dr. Norman Doidge by Virginia Campbell, MD on of "The Brain Science Podcast" fame and posted it below.

Dr. Doidge and Dr. Campbell, MD speak directly about Feldenkrais and applications of his work. I took the liberty of extracting the 9-minute piece of the podcast where they were talking specifically about Moshe and his work and posted it below.

Dr. Doidge does a fantastic job talking about the method and how it works as well as embedding it within the larger history of the brain sciences. Lots of great, quotable pieces here.

Dr. Norman Doidge on Feldenkrais

The full podcast as well as a transcript of the interview that you can buy for only $1.00 can be found here on The Brain Science Podcast interview page of Dr. Doidge.



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