Dumb Starbucks: For The Wanna Be Marketing Mavens and Hopefuls (Like Me).

I thought this was a brilliantly done "send up" of modern marketing and parody by Nathan Fielder, the Founder of "Dumb Starbucks." Perhaps with a deep message for the Feldenkrais Practitioners, Ericksonian Hypnotists and other so-called "Alternative Health" Practitioners. Art, marketing, comedy and health perhaps have some similarities:

Nathan has a show on Comedy Central, Nathan For You which is now on my watch list for comedy and zany marketing insights.

What would count as parody of the trademarked term in your field whether they are Feldenkrais service marks or whatever else you have to deal with? Dumb Feldenkrais?? Proably not. Unless you were doing a comedy skit like Nathan Feilder above. But you can take ideals and principles in whatever field you are in - Feldenkrais or not - and integrate them into your own work...and not need to use anyones service marks or trademarks.

I support your energy and enthusiasm. And I think many others will as well!

Good luck!