Recovery From Schizophrenia and Psychosis . . .

Can people recover from schizophrenia? Can they recover from psychosis? It is a fascinating question as "schizophrenia" and "psychosis" are - at their most basic level - labels. They are socially and legally defined labels used by healthcare providers and hospitals and clinicians and the like. So to "recover" from schizophrenia and psychosis could be thought of as how to recover from being labeled!

Does that make sense?

As a society and as clinicians what if we stopped using the labels? What if a person manifesting "out of the ordinary" behaviors such as hearing voices was treated as someone with a special ability? What if we helped people explore their voices and the meaning of those voices and learn to work with them?

These are just a few of the questions that you can explore in "Therapy On The Wildside" a conference that I created to help therapists learn to work with extreme states of consciousness. This conference comes with free continuing education units. I hope you will consider taking a look!

- Ryan Nagy