Feldenkrais Marketing, Products, Course Creation and Beyond . . .

I have entered a time of great experimentation in marketing, sales, and awareness. And I hope those of you who are interested in expanding your influence and competence will join me.

First up, an experimental YouTube Channel where I am putting up tutorial videos on marketing. To sell online you will need a way to sell your products. A good, low-cost and easy way to start is E-Junkie. You can start for free for 30-days and without entering a credit card. And, yes - you can make money and keep it, even on the free trial.

Here is my video on the topic:

Ejunkie Tutorial: Sell Online In 3 Easy Steps

To be most successful in marketing your products and services online, you will need an email autoresponder to keep in touch with your clients, get new ones and promote your events.

I have been using Aweber for more than 15 years (!). And they too, will let you create an account and use it without entering in a credit card. Below is a 3-minute tutorial on how to get a free Aweber account. (affiliate link)

Get A Free Aweber Account (No Credit Card Required)