Feldenkrais and Vertigo

Feldenkrais Series To Get Rid Of Reduce and Eliminate Dizziness and Vertigo

Vertigo and Feldenkrais have been coming up several times a month in email conversations and I want to address them for anyone who may be suffering from them. Vertigo and dizziness are common to many people and often come about via medical and non-medical conditions. They can often be helped and even eliminated by some relatively simple Feldenkrais interventions.

Recurrent vertigo can be incredibly debilitating. It is sometimes described as a feeling of spinning or swaying, even when you are standing still. It is sometimes called "dizziness" and can cause you to feel unsteady or off balance and sometimes cause nausea, even vomiting. Some people struggle with it for years. Imagine not being able to walk down the hall of your own house without falling down.

How do Feldenkrais sessions help with vertigo?

Reducing tension in your neck, upper spine, and upper ribs can help you increase your sense of balance and comfort while moving which will often reduce or eliminate symptoms.

And also, tightness and lack of movement in the head and neck can cause you to feel dizzy upon sudden movement of the head. As you have better movement in those areas dizziness and vertigo often disappear.

Also, the muscles that connect the upper chest, ribs, and spine to the skull often impinge on the cranial nerve that runs to the ear. As that tension releases sometimes dizziness goes away.

The sessions in the audio series below work with all of those sensory-motor processes that can help you feel stable and free from dizziness.

This first series, called "Flexible Spine And Ribs" involves sessions on your side that help you feel stable while doing them. And it goes from very very basic and super-easy, to moderately complex so that anyone can do them. I actually do them in bed sometimes when I am traveling and there is not enough space to lie down on the floor and do Feldenkrais.

Helping you differentiate the movement of your eyes, head, and jaw can dramatically reduce dizziness as well. That is why,I often recommend my Feldenkrais TMJ series. They are some of the simplest, beginner-friendly session that I have. And all are under 35-minutes.

A bit more complicated but also beginner-friendly and helpful to eliminate vertigo are coordinated movements of the eyes. Here are Volumes 2 and 3 of my Easy Eyes Series.

If any of this interests you, whether you want to get rid of vertigo and dizziness or simply want to improve your balance and mobility, you can enter the coupon code "balance" to get a 40% discount on any combination of the products above.


Remember, I am not a doctor and it is important that you see your doctor or another healthcare provider if you experience any recurrent, severe, prolonged, or unexplained dizziness or vertigo. There are medical conditions such as Meniere's disease or damage to the inner ear via an accident, surgery, or a viral infection that can cause dizziness and vertigo. If you have been diagnosed with any of those conditions, make sure that your doctor, physical therapist, or other healthcare professional has cleared you to do gentle movement and exercise.