Trauma-Friendly Feldenkrais

As some of you know, I regularly promote the work of my long-time friend and colleague Irene Lyon who teaches trauma treatment courses.

Irene and I were friends many years before she started teaching trauma courses online and before I began teaching and sharing Feldenkrais sessions online.

Even so, she has done many of my sessions and taught at several of my online psychotherapy conferences.

And I have taken nearly all of her courses on trauma treatment and have benefitted immensely from them.

So a question that I get on a regular basis is what sessions I have are the best for people letting go of the effects of trauma.

The three series that I recommend (with a small caveat, see below) are:

My Feldenkrais TMJ series, my Easy Feldenkrais Pain Relief series, and Better Breathing Better Life.

The TMJ series is gentle and suitable for beginners. The sessions are short, nearly all around 25-minutes. And they are fantastic for letting go of strain and pain in the eyes, jaw and neck. They are also helpful for helping people process and let go of emotionally-based movement tensions.

And my Feldenkrais pain relief series is easy and gentle for letting go of pain and strain. It is a complete Feldenkrais series and all sessions are under 35-minutes.

My Better Breathing, Better Life sessions are off-the-chart amazing for deep relaxation.

They are not designed to teach you the "correct" way to breathe, but to help your mind and body open up and find more space to breathe. They can also very quickly get you out of your head and into your body, for gentle and quick stress release.

So what is the small caveat?

Many of the sessions I first created between 2006 and 2010 before I had taken much training on trauma. So I did not know to only have people close their eyes during sessions if they felt comfortable doing so. But if you go slowly, open your eyes and orient as you need to, they can do wonders for relaxing your body and nervous system.

Let me know if you have any questions?

And please feel free to share this blog post with anyone who might need it.