Feldenkrais: Freedom Or Status. Pick One!

I spent a few minutes today revising an editing a published essay on my substack site called: Freedom or Professional Status: You Will Have To Pick One.

It is the beginning of a deep dive into the enduring conflicts that were created in the Feldenkrais community when a small group of Moshe's students took control of his service marks after his death. And it will also shed some light on how these dynamics exist in every Somatics professional organization, especially those founded on the work of one man or woman.

For those of you who do not know - and very few do - the initial hierarchy that was created in the Feldenkrais Guild community was not a hierarchy based on skills.

It was not a meritocracy.

The first Feldenkrais trainers had virtually no experience teaching others to become Feldenkrais practitioners.

Did you know?

It is a topic that I covered back in May in an essay entitled: Feldenkrais Was Not A Certified Trainer (And neither were his students who claimed to be).

Why am I writing about these topics?

Because the world is changing in many many ways.

Amazing cultural solutions and knowledge is being created by groups of people getting together in a networked, emergent, manner.

The solutions are not being imposed by primate dominance hierarchies (ie. professional organizations).

They are emerging from people collaborating - often in real-time - and often in public.

If that interests you, consider getting a free or paid subscription to my substack account. I am currently the only one publicly writing about these topics in the Feldenkrais community:

If these kinds of ideas, do not interest you right now, no worries!

But stay tuned as I have some new Feldenkrais products and specials coming to you soon.