getting rid of pain without exercise

Lack of spinal flexibility increases the likelihood of injury to muscles, tendons, and ligaments, especially as you age.

It reduces your range of motion, your back moves less because the spine is rigid and injury can result.

Regular, gentle Feldenkrais sessions effectively increase the range of your spinal and back motion and dramatically reduces your risk of injury.

And ALL of your movement travels through your spine. All of them.

Even the tiniest movement of your finger or toe has its origin in signals that move through nerves in your spine. That's why it's shocking to me - even after all these decades of teaching Feldenkrais - that so few health professionals pay attention to spinal awareness and feedback.

Nope - not talking about exercises nor stretching!

Those can help certain areas of your functioning.

I am speaking to the thousands of micro-movements and micro-adjustments that are stimulated when you do slow, gentle and highly-unique Feldenkrais sessions.

Sessions which help your individual vertebrae and muscles to let go and to move efficiently...allowing strain to melt away - and you to move pain-free.

If you have never done Feldenkrais or have never done a session with me, what I wrote above might sound like BS.

I get that.

No hard feelings.

But for everyone else who has had the awesome experience of deep relaxation during a Feldenkrais session. Or feeling a strain spontaneously disappear while doing a session, I offer you my Flexible spine and ribs series, on sale for just a little while longer:



Feldenkrais And Pain Relief