An Important New Feldenkrais Book…

As many of you know, I have been pushing the idea of having more people write books on Moshe Feldenkrais and The Feldenkrais Method. Books are such an important factor for building credibility for individual practitioners and for the method itself. I am happy - very happy - to report that a new Feldenkrais book has arrived.

Written by one of Moshe's original students, it is called "Ways out of Cerebral Palsy during Infancy and Early Childhood with the Feldenkrais Method." Very well done and covering not only cerebral palsy but also the political and sociological aspects of the work amongst other topics. I will post a detailed review in a future blog post.

Enjoy. Here is the link again. You can purchase it and be reading it on your computer in less than a minute: Ways out of Cerebral Palsy with the Feldenkrais Method.


  1. I just read all of it. Very good book. Now I’m looking for a book on how functional integration is being done. Could not find at all. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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