Meetings With Remarkable Practitioners

August 19th, 2015: I wanted to let you know that I ended up cancelling this project. The sign-ups were rather low and I got caught up in some new projects in my Online Psychotherapy Conferences business. Cheers! - Ryan Nagy

Eileen Bach-y-Rita, Norman Doidge, Jeff Haller and Who Else?

Over the last few months I have been hinting at some new projects that I am about to launch and I am finally ready to let "the cat out of the bag." I have a Feldenkrais interview series, called "Meetings With Remarkable Practitioners" ready to rock and roll. But I want to make sure that I invite the people that you want to hear, ask the questions that you want answers hear the stories that you want to hear. There are SO many untold stories in the Feldenkrais community and it is time to get more of them out.

Just a few of my personal choices at this moment are Eileen Bach-y-Rita, Norman Doidge and Irene Lyon.

Eileen Bach-y-Rita studied with Moshe at the San Francisco training and she was one of the first people to sell Feldenkrais products to the public. That is something I am very passionate about. I have also been hearing great things about her and her work for nearly 15 years. She has conducted research into the work of Moshe Feldenkrais and brain plasticity and traveled and taught extensively. She is one of the most experienced practitioners in the world. And her late husband Paul Bach-y-Rita was an extraordinary neuroscientist (to put it mildly) and I think Eileen can also help us put his work in historical and scientific context.

Norman Doidge, I think needs little introduction. I would like to find out more about his journey into the Feldenkrais Method and how he encountered it.

Irene Lyon has done guest posts for me in the past and I am in constant contact with her as she develops her method and her offerings. She is doing some really great stuff.

People have been sending me messages about who they want to hear from. For example, yesterday someone wrote:

I think highly of Jeff Haller and his friend Ellis Amdur. I’d be interested in their takes about the choreography and guruism in martial arts. The "Professor in a Cage" author Gottschall exploring why men fight and why we enjoy to watch. There is also an Israeli martial artist and Feldenkrais practitioner Moti Nativ that would be enticing to hear. Also the PT’s from SomaSimple that are embracing pain science a la Lorimer Moseley/ David Butler/NOI Group.

What do you say? Can you pick the one person that you really want to hear from and also give me the two most important questions that you want to ask them?

Just post them below as a comment to this blog post. And do not forget to go and enroll for the series if it interests you. The first interview with Amherst attendee Rob Cohen is available now.


  1. I would appreciate an interview with Mia Segal and Leora Gaster very much. Mia as a longtime companion of M. Feldenkrais has a very deep and intuitive way of teaching and working with people; and Leora having grown up with all that stuff and now specializing in work with children as well as combining the method with her biological and NLP knowledge….

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