When Feldenkrais Met Milton Erickson: A First Hand Account


Every few years or so, someone will make the claim that Moshe Feldenkrais trained with Milton H. Erickson. That is not correct. On many occasions, Feldenkrais expressed respect for Erickson and his work. And in several of Moshe's trainings he recommended the book, A Teaching Seminar With Milton H. Erickson. But Feldenkrais did not train directly with Milton H. Erickson.

The two did meet in 1978.

A colleague of mine was there: Stephen Gilligan. Years ago, I interviewed Steve about Milton and Moshe meeting and it is a rather fascinating insight into the minds of both men.

As they say in the mental ward, "Never put TWO Napoleons in the same room."

When Moshe Feldenkrais met Milton Erickson.

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  1. What a great interview and first hand account! Moshe Feldenkrais spoke highly of Erickson during the Amherst training. Wonderful to have more of the context for his impressions.

  2. Thanks Ilona. My next step will be to collate some of those comments by Moshe. He also said some things that could be considered negative or critical. But I have not read them in quite some time. I want to find them again and comment. Maybe they were right after his meeting with Erickson!

    You mentioned Koleman. I do not know much about him but do have some stories.


  3. Dear Ryan,

    How are you?
    Thank you for this, I think, historically valuable interview. I had heard of the first meeting before, from Moshe’s dear loyal friend, Kolman Korntyre. This is the first time I have heard it, as told by Steve. Beautiful. And indeed how Moshe could be and do.

    with my best regards,


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