Allegations of Abuse in The Feldenkrais Guild Training Community

I want to let you know that I am aware of the various allegations of sexual harassment and abuse that have come to light in the Feldenkrais Guild community. Most of the allegations that I have seen are in regards to Guild Certified Feldenkrais Trainers and others involved in Guild Certified Feldenkrais training programs.

Below, I have posted a link to a document on the allegations that was apparently presented and discussed at an International Feldenkrais Federation meeting in 2018. It read, in part:

"Us Too – The #metoo Movement & Mature Behavior: A Call for Transparency, Action and Accountability in The Feldenkrais World

“We, the Undersigned, have experienced, witnessed or have been informed of harassment and abusive behavior in Feldenkrais® Training Programs and Advanced Trainings by both teaching and administrative staff members and visiting practitioners (EDs, Trainers, Assistant Trainers, Practitioner Assistants and/or experienced Practitioners), which has negatively impacted students and staff members on many levels.”

“Some events are recent, others date back more than 35 years. Abusive behavior has been tolerated, dismissed, minimized, ignored, negated, covered up, and its seriousness disregarded by the leaders of the Feldenkrais Community for decades. This behavior and complicity is unacceptable. These incidents have had a destructive impact on many: on their physical and mental health, their self-image, their career and finances, their sexuality, their personal and family relationships and their compassion for and sense of pride and trust in The Feldenkrais Method and its leaders.”

You can read the document on the Feldenkrais sex abuse scandal in its entirety here:

Feldenkrais Abuse Allegations