How to Fail Online.

I took a few minutes this morning to think about my many "failures" online.

One failure is an audio mp3 series, based on the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education. It is designed to help eliminate back pain. I initially envisioned it as a $97 download that would sell dozens of times per month and create several thousand dollars per month in passive income.

It didn't sell any copies at $97. In fact, it didn't sell at $77 or $67. It didn't sell in any appreciable volume until I had it a $27. Even then, it only sold 5-6 times per month, only making me about $150 per month. A failure, right?

I also used Snaps X Pro to create some video tutorials on how to use E-Junkie. My e-junkie video tutorials, at $19.95 only sell 4-5 times per month, for about $95 per month in sales. However, my e-junkie videos have the added benefit of bringing in a small amount of consulting income. People hire me to help set-up their e-junkie shopping carts and products. Currently, I make about $500 per month from this product and related sales. Another failure?

I put google adsense (advertising) on one of my websites last year. It started bringing in a few dollars here and there. I was intrigued by the idea, so I created 3 new websites specifically for the purposes of putting google adsense on them and gaining a new revenue stream. It took me 3 weeks of consistent work to get the websites up and running. My hope was that each website would produce $5 - $10 per day in advertising revenue and create a revenue stream of $500 - $600 per month. I figured that once it worked, I could start creating new websites, until I created the passive income stream that I wanted.

I overestimated the income. Each website only produced 50¢ to $1 per day in revenue. With the income from my other adsense sites, I get about $125 per month from google in adsense revenue. Failed yet again.

For now, I will skip the details of my other failures - the Amazon affiliate account that only brings in about $10 per month, the E-Junkie affiliate payments that are only $10 - $15 per month.

Overall, my failures bring me aprox. $600 per month of passive income and an additional $2000 per month in consulting income. This does not include my individual coaching client's and the money I make teaching at the University of Utah.

If I keep failing at my current rate, I will have $1500 per month in passive income by the end of this year. Unless, of course, I screw up my failures and one of them becomes a hit.

How about you? How much passive income are you making from your internet failures, so far?

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  1. Hey Ryan! Nice article. What else are you up to these days?


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