Deep Work, Meditation & Feldenkrais

Deep Work

Yes, we were traveling with a cat

There are three books that I have returned to over and over again in the last five years or so.

One of the most important is "Deep Work*" by Cal Newport. It is the most important book that I have read in the last decade in terms of setting a direction for my business and life. It led me to cut back on internet time, restart my meditation practice, and it was the reason that I started my Easy Feldenkrais membership website.

To put it simply, to create the maximum value for yourself and other people, you must eliminate distractions and focus deeply. Cultivating the ability to go deep into states of learning and productivity will help you produce more value.

And you must have a system for measuring the time that you go into those states so that you do not delude yourself into thinking that you are being productive.

For me, in the beginning, meditation sessions were the most measurable way to eliminate distractions and focus. It was relatively simple to track the time that I spent meditating and to get a general sense of how focused I was.

Out of meditation, came a strong clear desire to start my Easy Feldenkrais membership site. And doing, recording, and editing Feldenkrais sessions on a weekly basis created more opportunities to focus my attention.

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