Deep Work, Meditation & Feldenkrais

Deep Work

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I started my Easy Feldenkrais membership website and began creating weekly Feldenkrais sessions within 3-months of reading "Deep Work*" by Cal Newport. It is the most important book that I have read in the last decade in terms of setting a direction for my business and life. In addition to re-starting my Feldenkrais projects, it also led me to cut back on my time online and restart my meditation practice.

The core idea of the book is that to create the maximum value for yourself and other people, you must eliminate distractions, focus deeply, and develop your skills. Cultivating the ability to go deep into states of learning and productivity will help you produce more value.

And you must have a system for measuring the time that you go into those states so that you do not delude yourself into thinking that you are being productive. That is why I initially started with my meditations. Though, I had no way to measure the depth of a meditation session. It was simple to measure the length and number of sessions that I did per day.

And meditation sessions were the most measurable way to eliminate distractions and focus. If I was meditating, I was not online.

Out of meditation, came a strong clear desire to start my Easy Feldenkrais membership site. And doing, recording, and editing Feldenkrais sessions on a weekly basis created more opportunities to focus my attention.

Update November 21st, 2022

As I mention in the video below, staying offline and detoxing from the internet is an evolving process. Just a few weeks ago, I took the simple step of not only turning off my phone at night but also not using it in the morning.

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