Breathing, Crying and Anger

Feldenkrais sessions that involve the breath have a tendency to bring out a great deal of emotion in me, sometimes leading to spontaneous crying or anger. Have you experienced something similar?

The first time I experienced it was during a Feldenkrais table session (sometimes called "Functional Integration"). I was young at the time, only 24 (or so) and had only recently stopped living in my car and on the street after getting off drugs. I was grateful that the practitioner giving me the session saw it coming and left the room so that I could cry and process it on my own. But even now, more than 20 years later, experiential sessions (sometimes called, "Awareness Through Movement") that involve unique breathing movements can bring out strong emotion. As I think about it, it is not the breath that is the main factor, but rather finding new movement in my ribs. Or perhaps said, letting go of compulsive tension in the muscles around the ribs.

Have you had a similar experience? Feel free to leave a comment. cheers! - Ryan