RE: What Are You Doing For Insurance?

I got an email recently from a Feldenkrais Practitioner in Canada (not a Guild member) who needs insurance for her practice. And just a few minutes later I received a Facebook message from an Anat Baniel Method Practitioner in Australia who needs insurance for her practice and workshops as well. It is not a topic that I know much about. Can you help? My question to you: Who or what do you use to get insurance? And would you be willing to post a comment below with a link to the provider?

I have been under the impression that some FGNA members do not use the Guild's insurance and that some eligible members do not join and get insurance via another source, such as a small business association or somatic association etc. And I have no idea what Anat Baniel or Mia Segal's students do. I would like to know what some options are.

Update: April 7th

Here are several options that people provided to me. U.S. based. If you are in Canada, Australia ยก, the UK or elsewhere please feel free to also leave a comment and let us know what you are doing.

Hands On Trade Association:

American Bodywork and Massage Professionals (recommended by Feldenkrais Practitioner Eveline Wu).

HPSO: Malpractice Insurance for Healthcare Providors:

FGNA Insurance

Some FGNA practitioners stick with their insurance, as one member told me, "I get insurance through the Guild. The policy they offer has improved greatly and it is was the best price I could find anywhere."

Your replies are much appreciated!