Richard Nixon and Moshe Feldenkrais: An Untold Story?

I am looking for the details behind this rare photo of Moshe Feldenkrais's meeting with Richard Nixon. The back of the photo is watermarked with a the date of December 21st, 1970. That date was well before the Watergate scandal. Richard Nixon was still riding high and very popular as a President. And it was several years before Moshe Feldenkrais was to teach the famed Esalen workshop in 1972.

Does anyone know more of about this amazing photograph??

Moshe Feldenkrais and Richard Nixon

Click to see the full size image: Nixon and Feldenkrais.


  1. This is a joke…just having some fun. The initial photo was of Nixon and Elvis… a very weird photo in anf of itself. Feldenkrais and Nixon…even weirder.

    I like to think about alternate realities and alternate timelines. Perhaps a result of reading and watching so much science fiction as a child.

    I hope you are doing well out there.



  2. Liberace!! haha. That is name I have not heard in a while. Moshe’s face on Liberaces body…oh god….

    I hope you are doing great out there!


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