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Welcome to the course! I am glad that you are here. I think you are going to get a great deal out of it. Remember to check your email - you will get a link every day for 5 days as well as links to some very cool bonus sessions and special offers.


Quick note about chair selection

Chose according to your comfort and desire.

Feldenkrais Sessions In Sitting

I do many sessions in my back yard.
Do these sessions as often as you want to. I do these and other Feldenkrais sessions on a regular basis when I want to relax and touch base with myself during the day.

They are a great way to start if you are new to the work, returning to the work or are just short on time...

The shortest is 16 minutes and the longest is 28 minutes. They were designed to be done in order...but you can do them in any order that you choose. However, the fourth one should probably only be done after you do the first three as it ties together themes from the first ones.

Do these on a stable chair without wheels and with minimal padding. If you do not have such a chair, no worries - use what you have! You can do them with your shoes on or off.

#1: Turning Right and Left (27 minutes)

A gentle start to some big change. Turn easier through your spine and neck and relax your shoulders.

Download: Turning Right and Left

Download Turning Right and Left Transcript

#2: Opening and Folding (23-minutes)

Do you tend to "slouch" or lean forward at your desk? This will work with that and give you more freedom and flexibility.

Download Opening and Folding

Download the Transcript of Opening and Folding

#3: Bending Side To Side (15-minutes)

Just like the title says, a session about bending side-to-side. It can help you find new movements and possibilities in your neck, spine, pelvis, and back. A short, but powerful session.

Download Bending Side To Side.

Download the transcript: Bending Side To Side Transcript

#4: Full Body Integration (23-minutes)

This combines bits and pieces of all 3 sessions and adds some unique variations. Love it.

Download Full Body Integration In Sitting.

Download Full Body Integration In Sitting Transcript

#5: "Errol Flynn" In Sitting (25-minutes)

Shoulder Rotation in Sitting often called, "Errol Flynn." The ways in which I love this session can hardly be counted. Fantastic for authors and computer jocks and anyone who sits and works in a chair! It can melt tension away in your shoulders and relax your entire upper body:

Download "Errol Flynn" In Sitting

Download Errol Flynn" In Sitting Transcript


  1. hello hello. This a comment. If you have any questions, please leave one below? (Your comment might not appear right away.)

  2. Hello Ryan,

    Thank you for this. I’ve just completed all these seated sessions & toward the end noted tingly sensations all across my upper back & back of arms. It somehow feels like I may have accessed I’m not sure what but possibly something that’s been dormant for a while?
    What I am certain about though is that there’s more expansion in the upper body, front & back, when I breathe.

    Many again & I look forward to trying out whatever comes next.
    Best wishes.

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment! Much appreciated. It sounds like your muscles are adapting. Perhaps some strain and tightness have let go…which also means something has let go in your nervous system. All in all a good sign.

    As you do more Feldenkrais sessions, you will likely find more of that.

    Years ago, I had the internal feeling that my left leg had doubled in size after a session. It was very odd. I would look at my two legs and they were the same size (obviously) but the release of habitual tension in my muscles made the left leg FEEL bigger for a while.



  4. Thank you Ryan for sharing these sessions. I absolutely loved how you isolated a small movement and the changes it presented in my body. The mindfulness and clear instructions add a personal touch to these movements. I am a yoga practitioner and teacher and loved this. This let me experience something different in myself.

  5. Thank you so much! I look forward to using and benefiting from these over the next few weeks. Your generosity is appreciated 🙂

  6. I love these! So far, I did one and three and felt such a change in my body for each one.
    Also, I felt like taking a nap after each one. Is this common? I was thinking maybe because it relaxed my body so much.
    I will continue with these free sessions and then look forward to doing more work with you. I feel this is exactly what I need!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

  7. Taking a nap or falling asleep during or after a session is totally normal and fine! It is a great sign that something is letting go in your brain and body.



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