Moshe: “Find out what your body needs and let it happen”

I recently recorded a version of a session from Moshe's Esalen workshop called "Getting Back Back." And in it I found my new favorite Feldenkrais quotation! I present it to you with no commentary.

“Keep on doing that [the movement] until it dawns on you what your body wants to do. You don't know what it wants, and the object is not to say what the way should be, so that you don't twist yourself into someone else's way, but to find out what your body needs and let it happen.”

And to further his point that participants should find their own way:

“Now if you could have a look at all the bodies around you, you would see that there are no two people pulling the body back and doing the same thing with the shoulders or the same thing with the hands, or even the same thing with the legs.”

I will leave it at that. More Feldenkrais quotes on this page.

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