Marketing Your Method, Part 2: Set Yourself Up For Success

Ok folks. Glad to see you back for session #2. If you missed session 1 you can find it here.

In the session below, I give you some actionable ideas on how you can connect directly with what people want from you and the work and how to start from where YOU are most comfortable and powerful so that you can set yourself up for maximal success....success on your terms.

And there are also some tastes of what you will learn on the third video which is currently in development.

Enjoy! And as always leave what comments you would like to leave below.

Here is the short guide as promised and as I mention in the video. A Key Idea To Market Your Practice. You may want to watch the video before reading the pdf.

Part Three Is Up and Running!

The "How To," some practical steps: Get A Blog, Facebook Business Page And More.


  1. Hello Ryan,

    Thank you for this! I really appreciate it. It’s nice to hear about your experience with the work and generous of you to share that with people.


  2. Hi Ryan,
    I like especially the ‘recursive’ idea of applying Feldenkrais to itself 🙂 (really to everything) …

    it was exactly what helped me when I started to teach ATMs…
    I was excited and curious to start but also scared, insecure, with a lot of doubts and worried about not having full free time to prepare me and to study/read/practice….

    all problems went away when I said to myself: ‘why not applying Feldenkrais to my process of starting teaching ATMs? let’s start choosing the lessons easy for me, doing only what I could do easy, staying with that, observing what happened’…
    I learned not to try to be the teacher I’m not…and this way it started to become more clear the teacher that I can be

    anyway after reading your pdf was funny because I thought to my website…that I setup recently and is at the beginning phase ( …but for sure was not thought to go near people :)….my big desire was having something that gave a nice sensation…and it became nice for me when I liked it…

    and this bring me to what continuously goes around in my mind…what my Feldenkrais trainer said: ‘you have to ask to you: why do you teach ATM? Why do you teach IF?’…really important to be aware of what you are doing!

    and reading your suggestion is really helpful to see with different eyes my things 🙂




  3. Hi Ryan

    Thanks for some clarity on communicating about needs, how each talk is a dance, finding confidence in The Method through my hands / understanding, and shedding light on ethical marketing. I’ve watched the video and read through the .pdf. I believe so much comes from my personal Feldenkrais practice. I learn new things, keep the momentum from past lessons and can offer a broader depth to potential students.

    I enjoy making recordings that pull together various, relevant resources, then sharing these with others; I am hoping to reach that launch point to distribute recordings and secure an audience for my voice. I think a Feldenkrais radio station which I can commit to and oversee technically may be in the making.

    Before that, however, I plan to post a flyer in town and on my front door announcing what I do and who I am. I will send that flyer electronically to you directly as I cannot find a way to attach an image here. I am open to feedback from yourself and those that view this site.

    I am currently leasing a beautiful studio in a town I enjoy living. It is a place I’d be fine with setting some roots down for the time being in pursuit of on-going learning about mind, body, spirit and energy. Making bones out of clay is proving a practical and enjoy hobby.

    I’ve enjoyed reading some of the material you’ve posted in regards to the teachings of Moshe–correcting misquotes being an eye-opener–and appreciate the willingness to examine critically what is presented. I reckon we’re a bit over-trained, at least in comparison to current 200-hour graduation programs, and that time delay can lose momentum for those interested while they are interested. I hope to make Feldenkrais a career, and appreciate haven taken some steps towards that via this program.


  4. Ryan – great! Concise and to the point. I think I’ve told you this but YEARS ago you made a video on how to make a wordpress website, when it was still new, and that’s how I set up my site. Though I really do need to update from that original theme I still use today, it helped me a lot. I liked how you said things and spoke really specifically to Feldenkrais concerns. hope you expand it. Btw, this is a side note, but one thing I could use help with is ideas on basic stuff like how you organize things. – Warmly Eveline

  5. Hi Eveline, you did tell me that, but I had forgotten. Thanks for the kudos and for reminding me!

    “this is a side note, but one thing I could use help with is ideas on basic stuff like how you organize things.”

    Ok. I can do that. Can you give me a bit more detail about the context? How I organize…my time? Projects?

    I can tell you that just about 10 minutes ago, I was feeling overwhelmed with my various projects and “to dos” rolling around in my head and I did a complete “mind dump” putting everything and anything that I thought I needed to do into a file. Once it was out of my head, I felt relieved and started to organize the written thoughts into a more manageable action plan.

    (All of the above I got from David Allen, “Getting Things Done”)

    Of course, if I am off track, let me know!


  6. Hi Serena, that was beautiful, thanks for sharing it. It looks like you are well on the way…

    Keep me posted on your journeys? Your website looks great though I cannot read Portugese!


  7. Brent, I like that reframe of Feldenkrais people being overtrained as compared to the 200 to 300 hour trainings of other somatic-type practitioners. That is a good way to think about it, I think.


  8. Hi Ryan,
    sorry for not replying these days but was an intense month for me, but I’m still following your job…
    thanks for sharing

  9. Hi Brent,

    I was just reviewing the comments and noticed this:

    “I believe so much comes from my personal Feldenkrais practice. I learn new things, keep the momentum from past lessons and can offer a broader depth to potential students.”

    That seems SO important to me…the breadth, depth and passion of who you are and what you know and how you are able to keep clients on their path.

    It would be wonderful to includes those ideas on your website and marketing materials. It would, I think, draw people to you and make you even more compelling as a practitioner.



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