Part 4: How To Build An Audience (And Facebook Marketing!)

Let's put it all together....your offer, your niche, getting people into the habit of going to your website and reading about your work and your offers.

- how to reach EXACTLY the people you need to reach to build a practice,

- how to not only get comfortable teaching ATM but to become an ATM teaching GURU

(You will also find out how I unexpectedly, made $$$ while creating this video...)

Here's the link to the service I use for all my email marketing Aweber.

8 Minute Facebook Advertising Overview

If you watch nothing else from this free training, watch my video on Facebook Marketing.

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  1. Hi Ryan,

    Thank you so much for this series of four. Really helpful, specially the info about the facebook page, which I have been resisting for a long while due to a bit of technophobia…but I think I shall give it a go soon.

    I thought it was great advice to start first with what you know you can do, relaxation or whatever and grow from there. Feeling comfortable while doing whatever we are doing is the eternal lesson I am eternally learning. 🙂

  2. Thanks Marta! Sorry for the late reply…

    If you are late to the Facebook page thing, welcome to the club! I used to think it was not worth it. But now I know better. As a mentor of mine likes to say, “I am constantly amazed at how dumb I was just 10 minutes ago!”

    Looking forward to hearing about your successes.


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