Success Queston: What if you knew you could only win?

What would you do if you knew you could only win?

I receive occasional emails from an NLP Trainer in the U.K. named Michael Carroll. (Not to be confused with Micheal Beale another excellent NLP Trainer.) I have traveled to London several times to take training from both these men, and they are never far from my mind.

Why do they stay in my mind? Is it because they have my email address and send me messages? Partly.

The fact that they send me USEFUL email messages that I tend to open and read is the main factor. There are few things more annoying than getting a newsletter that is nothing but a sales letter and a list of products or dates. Much better to start off with something useful to your readers such as a free audio, video or tip of some sort. There are certain newsletters that I enjoy recieving and I because of this, I am much more likely to open them, read them and yes - BUY something from the list owner.

Think about it - aren't you more likely to purchase from someone that you like and who does nice things for you?

In that spirit, let me give you a link to Michael Carroll's short but informative and F-R-E-E video on success and motivation. He sent this video in his last newsletter and he gave the link and several other useful bits of info first, before trying to sell anything.

I like Michael's style of asking questions and asking the "right" questions to make a difference. The process in the video is much deeper than you my realize at first and you could find yourself benefiting from a second viewing.

Question for Success:

What would you do if you knew you could only win?:

The other Micheal who I mentioned, Michael Beale, has a growing conversation on motivation on the NLP Experts forum:


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