Paradoxical Breathing (State Of The Art)

Hi there! Thanks for clicking. This is a sample of one of the 19-sessions from my New Synthesis Course. I put this up so that you could get a sense of what my online courses are like. Enjoy!

3. Seesaw Breathing NEW Version, Part 1 (31-min)

Would you like to take some time out and both reconnect and find some new connections between your breathing, spine, ribs, and beyond? This is different than previous "seesaw" breathing sessions that you may have done from me in the past

This is a gentle session done on the back, side, and stomach.

Download SeeSaw Breathing Part 1

Download transcript SeeSaw Breathing Part 1

Padding For This Session

I created the video below just this morning (November 20th, 2023) because I wanted to make sure that people have a good sense of how to stay comfortable during sessions. The "New Synthesis" course is one that I update on a regular basis.

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