Feldenkrais Back Pain Challenge

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Can you reduce or eliminate back pain with just a few simple sessions?

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You will need a space to lie down and between 22 and 32-minutes for each session. Gentle Feldenkrais sessions suitable for people of all ages and abilities. That's it!

Back pain is awful! Especially chronic back pain causes suffering throughout the day. And many back pain "cures" are painful and expensive and don't work. For that reason, I am giving you some of my best sessions to eliminate back pain. Though they are all less than 35-minutes, these are full, unabridged Feldenkrais sessions, some of the best in my library. Including:

1) Primary Movements of the Back.

2) Lesson title (And Move Easier). Only 22-minutes! You may want to have towel or pillow to put under your head while you are lying on the side.

3) Lesson title (two sessions). On this day, I will give you TWO sessions. One that is short (13-minutes) and that you can do sitting in a chair. And the other lying down, designed to help relax and improve the functioning of your eyes. It takes about 33-minutes. Though if you only have time to do part of the session, please do!

4) Sitting And Turning. This short session (only 16-minutes) involves some very gentle and very unique movements you can do while sitting in a chair. It is great for your neck and back and relaxation!  

5) Better Breathing. One of my all-time favorite sessions, people LOVE this one. It has a weird name: "To Weld By Breathing." And it goes way back to when Feldenkrais was teaching at his studio on Alexander Yanai street in Israel. This session is only 25-minutes. Enjoy!

6) Expect some cool free bonuses from time-to-time as I send you some more Feldenkrais sessions, several which you can do while sitting in a chair.

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