Here They Are…

Here are the 2 short Feldenkrais sessions - as promised. I have also sent links to your email inbox. Scroll down and you can click to play in your computer, smartphone or tablet right now.

Rolling Your Head While Lying

A short, gentle lesson. I found myself doing this movement in the morning before "going to work" on my computer. I find it very relaxing and very wonderful maintaining ease of motion in my head and neck while I work. (A 12 minutes session).

Sitting and Turning

A 16-minute session, with some classic Feldenkrais movements done in sitting. Try it!

Here is the link again to Easy Feldenkrais, where you can get access to more sessions, some very rare and not available anywhere well as transcripts, Feldenkrais coaching calls and private Facebook group

Easy Feldenkrais

For more information on Easy Feldenkrais, please click here.