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Site Walkthrough (2023)

I want to show what happens after you join and the variety of ways that you can use the Feldenkrais sessions:

Experience the full transformational power of your own body and mind.

Get rid of chronic pain symptoms such as back pain, shoulder and neck pain, TMJ pain. Evolve.

Improve your balance and ability to walk, run, and engage with loved activities.

Stay flexible, independent, and mobile. All from the comfort and security of your own home.

Easy Feldenkrais is a complete system for reducing pain and improving how you move and helping you stay independent, pain-free, and active.

Many of the sessions are short and easy to do. Others and long and complex. You pick your journey.

These are sessions that you can do in the comfort of your own home or office. No need to travel or pay a lot of money.

Many people do Feldenkrais because they have specific physical needs that they want to be addressed, such as freeing the neck, back, shoulders, or spine. They want to reduce tension, improve balance and stability, age more gracefully...what is your reason?

Others are primarily looking for more freedom and options psychologically and emotionally.

My Feldenkrais sessions can do that all of that for you.

How? By eliminating chronic stress and anxiety that you may have (often without realizing it). As the stress and anxiety go away you will start doing things in a new way and experiencing the world differently. Start engaging in new activities. Learn new things. Travel. Have fun! Explore.

Regain the ability to do lost activities loved activities such as biking, hiking, dancing or Yoga.

Keep moving and keep doing Feldenkrais

Easy Feldenkrais is the evolution of my 28 years of teaching the work in live workshops, universities, drug rehabilitation centers, and elsewhere, and also my 12+ years of promoting Feldenkrais online, blogging, podcasting, and recording sessions. Doing all that I can to make the work more available to more people at a reasonable cost.

In addition to the hundreds of sessions that are on the site ready for you right now, you will also get in your inbox - every 7 days - a link to a new Feldenkrais session.

These are sessions that you can listen to online and also download and add to your private Feldenkrais collection. You can use them to transform your movement, your thinking, your emotion, your self-image, and begin to build and amplify the life that you want to have.

There are short "beginner" sessions that are simple and easy for you to do. And also longer, advanced sessions.

There are now more than 73 advanced sessions from the famed Alexander Yanai sessions and the classic Esalen workshop.

How easy is it to do these sessions? If you can find 25 to 30 minutes and if you know how to push the "play" button on your computer, you can do them. Really. Even a child can do these sessions. It is that easy.

Most of these Feldenkrais sessions will be done while you are lying on the floor or bed. Others will be done while you are sitting in a chair, making it easy to integrate Feldenkrais into your life. (Regardless of your schedule).

And you can do them where ever and wherever it is convenient for you - in your office, at home, heck, you can even try some of the sitting sessions while taking a train or bus somewhere. How you use them is up to you.

"Ryan makes one-of-a-kind recordings, clear, well-paced with some quirky and endearing trademark features. Lots of energy and variation, strategic repetitions, humorous check-ups ('you are still breathing aren't you?!') and a feeling that he's right there with you - that's nice! Very nice" - Michael Maltby

"I am very excited to have these lessons at hand now.
I really look forward to doing them, I have already done three today.
You are very clear and easy to listen to. No mucking about.
Thank you." Rebecca Crawford, Australia

A smorgasbord of short sessions in sitting and lying.

Sessions that will allow you to take just a few minutes to relax and move out of strain and pain.

30 Minutes Sessions

Complete workshops, with video tutorials. Suitable for beginners. All one page for easy use.

Alexander Yanai

These are advanced and rare sessions - not normally available to the public, Sessions that Feldenkrais taught in his studio in Israel (on Alexander Yanai street) for decades. These sessions alone will be worth the cost of admission to Easy Feldenkrais. They are truly unique and life-changing sessions. Many are rarely taught and only available in advanced workshops and Feldenkrais trainings. Dozens are on the site and more are coming

***Update Sunday, February 5th, 2023*** - Below is just a *sample* of the sessions on the site. There are now more than 87 advanced sessions from the famed Alexander Yanai sessions and the classic Esalen workshop. Plus an additional 19 Advanced sessions called, "New Synthesis" that were recorded recently and not available anywhere else.

Partial List of Advanced sessions.

And more are on the way.

A complete Feldenkrais Breathing Workshop

The breathing sessions are gentle but can have some very cool, relaxing, and yes - powerful effects. I once used them to get out of some lower back pain that I was having. And others have mentioned something similar.

There are 6 sessions in the better breathing series plus other sessions related to breathing.

Feldenkrais for TMJ, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Twelve sessions specifically designed to eliminate jaw pain. Several of the sessions are very rare, originating from Moshe's Alexander Yanai sessions.

Plus many other sessions, including 5 that you can do while sitting, 7 longer (45 minutes) sessions from my Feldenkrais Classics series. And several sessions from the Awareness Through Movement.

And more sessions will come your way each and every week.

Bonus 1: Private Facebook Group

Community and sharing are important. Because of this, I have created a private Facebook group where you can share your thoughts and get your questions answered. And the posts and conversations are only able to be seen by members. The group for the Easy Feldenkrais series will be just for you - just for us - to talk about and share our experiences with the sessions and with the work.

"I am the one who has been emailing and who hurt her back falling at Kaiser emergency room. I want to tell you that your downloads have made me very aware of the tension that has been held in my body, I must say that I have not had a headache - at all - for about three days!! What happened was, I went into your sessions and into myself and I realized WHERE the problem was coming from. I finally found the source...Thank you! You are one of three "heroes" in my life right now - there is you, my "coach" who does acupressure and massage,and my Feldenkrais practitioner, who personally trained with Moshe Feldenkrais....thank you, Ryan. " - Melinda Frances, California

"Thanks so much for offering this work at an affordable price. It is a real gift. - Adrienne"

"Ryan's delivery is excellent and well-paced, and very easy to follow. One of the best ways to pursue a Feldenkrais program independently." – Yvonne

"I've enjoyed every one of your offerings so far and am eager to see what you come up with next! I don't like going out to a studio to do lessons as it is much more convenient to do them at home on my own schedule. So glad to have the opportunity to discover these lessons this way. Many thanks" -Adrienne

Bonus 2: Transcripts of the sessions

Nearly all of the sessions on the site come with professionally-created transcripts. Use them to integrate the materials into your own Feldenkrais-based classes and workshops and to further your own learning.


Listen online via your computer, smartphone, tablet, or other internet-enabled device or download for offline use.

Choose your username below and once you join you will create apassword and will be redirected to the members-only area where you will be able to listen to and download the Feldenkrais sessions (and bonuses) as they are released. At least one new session will be released every week, though very often it will be more, and they will be announced directly to you via email.

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You will get unlimited access to the sessions on the site, a weekly email with a streamable session, access to the private Facebook group and as I record and add new sessions you will get links to do those sessions as well.



  1. Hi Margareta – I see from your other email that you were able to login to the site. Sorry for the hassle! You should have access to my email and the private Facebook group as well, so let me know if you have any questions. Peace!

    By the way – Just a reminder, you should also be receiving emails from me with links to new session….once a week (at minimum).



  2. Hi Colleen – Yes, this offer is still available. Thanks for asking! I may be raising the prices in a few days, but have not gone around to doing so…

    Let me know if you have other questions?



  3. I am not technologically savvy but I managed to do this. Can only be called miraculous!!!!!

  4. hola
    aun esta disponible la sucripción ?
    El idioma en el que son los audios de las lecciones de feldenkrais


  5. Hola Mercedes. Gracias par la pregunta. Aun esta disponible la suscripción. Todo es ingles. Me gustaria hacer lecciones en espanol. Pero aun no lo he hecho.


  6. Hola. Esta suscripcion mensual me permite tener inmediato acceso a todas las lecciones en la biblioteca, o solo a descargar una leccion al mes?
    Gracias anticipadas por su respuesta,

  7. Hola Isis. Muchas gracias por la pregunta. Tu suscripción te permite tener acceso a TODAS las lecciónes y tambien un email cada semana con una lección adicional y acceso al grupo de Facebook. ¿Avisame si tienes otras preguntas? – Ryan

  8. Hello,

    Is there any useful “exercise” or “method” of Feldenkrais for losing weight and keep the shape in a healthy way?
    Thanks in advance!

  9. Hi Franklin – Sorry for the delayed response! Thanks for the question. Feldenkrais can only help people lose weight indirectly by helping them to stay more active. For example, if one had back pain or some other chronic pain, doing Feldenkrais could help one lose the pain and then become more active – running, walking etc and then (perhaps) losing some weight because of that. But otherwise, I don’t think of Feldenkrais as a weight lose method.



  10. Hi Ryan, I have your TMJ and the free sessions and am exploring them.

    My very fit niece has recently had her second baby, and has discovered that her spine has cracks in the vertebrae on two different parts of the spine.
    She is assisted every day, as she cannot bend to pick up the children.
    She found physiotherapy painful and now feels that her spine can’t cope with flexion.
    Can you advise me if any of your sessions would be safe and of use to her?

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