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You can fit Feldenkrais sessions into your schedule in your own time and in your own way - even if there are no classes or practitioners convenient to you?

You can get Feldenkrais sessions delivered to your email inbox every week. Some are very short and easy-to-do others are longer and more complex. Many are rare and hard to obtain. All are sessions that you can do in the comfort of your own home or office. Some you can do in the chair you are sitting in right now!

Many people do Feldenkrais because they specific physical needs that they want addressed, such as freeing the neck, back, shoulders or spine. They want to reduce tension, improve balance and stability, age more gracefully...is that your reason? Or are you primarily looking for more freedom and options psychologically and emotionally and want to create changes in how you live. Or perhaps you can no longer do loved activities such a biking, hiking, dancing or doing yoga. You CAN regain lost activities and age gracefully.

But how do you keep moving and keep doing Feldenkrais?

Well, that is where "Easy Feldenkrais" comes in. It is the not only the evolution of my 21 years teaching the work in live workshops, universities, drug rehabilitation centers and elsewhere, but also my 11 years of my promoting Feldenkrais online, blogging, podcasting, recording sessions and doing all that I can to make the work more available to more people at a reasonable cost.

In addition to the dozens of sessions that are on the site ready for you right now. You will also get in your inbox - every 7 days - a link to a new Feldenkrais session. These sessions that you can listen to online and also download and add to your private collection. You can use them to transform your movement, your thinking, your emotion, your self-image and begin to build and amplify the life that you want to have.

Per request, I (Ryan Nagy) have started with short "beginner" sessions that are simple and easy for you to do. Couch potatoes and techno-peasants welcome!

How easy is it to do these sessions? If you can find 25 to 30 minutes of time and if you know how to push the the "play" button on your computer, you can do them. Really. Even a child can do these sessions. It is that easy.

Some of these Feldenkrais sessions will be done while you are lying on the floor or bed. Many others will be done while your are sitting in a chair, making it easy to integrate Feldenkrais into your life regardless of your schedule. In fact, I recently recorded two powerful sessions that were under 12 minutes! And they are on the site right now, ready for you to enjoy. You can do these Feldenkrais sessions at anytime, even if you have just a few minutes in your busy day.

And you can do them wherever is convenient for you - in your office, at home, heck, you can even try some of the sitting sessions while taking a train or bus somewhere. How you use them is up to you.

The "Easy Feldenkrais" lessons are from my personal archive of digital Feldenkrais materials which currently number over 1400 sessions covering more than 60 years of the development of the work and about 37,000 pages of Feldenkrais sessions, transcripts, talks, articles, books and other writings.

"Ryan makes one-of-a-kind recordings, clear, well-paced with some quirky and endearing trademark features. Lots of energy and variation, strategic repetitions, humorous check-ups ('you are still breathing aren't you?!') and a feeling that he's right there with you - that's nice! Very nice" - Michael Maltby

"I am very excited to have these lessons at hand now.
I really look forward to doing them, I have already done three today.
You are very clear and easy to listen to. No mucking about.
Thank you." Rebecca Crawford, Australia

A partial list of sessions on the site now

Short Sessions In Sitting

Sitting and Turning #1: A 16-minute session, with some classic Feldenkrais movements done in sitting.

Bending side-to-side in sitting A short, but powerful session, 21 minutes.

Smartphone/Tablet Session #1: A 12-minute session on using your smartphone or tablet differently

Turning and the Eyes A 12-minute session. Staring at a computer or smartphone can be stressfull to the eyes and brain. Use this short session to relax, de-stress and move easier.

Oiling The Hip Joints Hot off the press... a 22-minute session in sitting that manages to fit in quite a few movement variations and help open and relax your hips, pelvis, lower back and neck.

Short Sessions In Lying

Scan: Your Five Cardinal Lines. A 7-minute session that is ONLY a scan. It is adapted from a session that Feldenkrais taught at Esalen.

Rolling Your Head While Lying: A wonderfull 12-minute lying session. Relax your neck and move easier!

30 Minutes Sessions

This is a complete workshop, suitable for beginners...and growing every month:

1. "Tilting The Legs, Rolling The Head:
If you are new to Feldenkrais, this would be a good first session. It is also good session to start teaching with if you are a practitioner.

2. Shoulder Circles: A simple 35-minute session that can have profound effects for those of us who spend time sitting and using computers and other devices.

3. Hip and Shoulder Movements (on the left side). I just put this one up a few days ago and people are loving it. a 23-minute session

4. What is Flexion? ohhh this was relaxing and illuminating for me. I hope it is the same for you. 35 minutes, lying on the back.

5. Pelvic Clock Feldenkrais included some type of "pelvic clock" lesson in every public workshop that he taught. So...you can guess he felt it important. 32 minutes, lying on the back.

Alexander Yanai

Responding to emails and comment from folks who want access to rare sessions - sessions not available to the public, I have decided to create and share sessions based on the famed Alexander Yanai sessions. Sessions that Feldenkrais taught in his studio in Israel (on Alexander Yanai street) for decades. These sessions alone will be worth the cost of admission to Easy Feldenkrais they are truly unique and life changing sessions. Many are rarely taught and only available in advanced workshops and Feldenkrais trainings. Five are on the site and more are coming:

Alexander Yanai #1: Tilting the Head (Sitting on the Floor): The title of this session does not do it justice! It involves movement of the head, neck, jaw and spine that are very unique and can be very powerful...

Alexander Yanai #2: Seeing The Heels : This is a challenging session...so be careful! It includes key Feldenkrais movement ideas that Moshe included in virtually all of his public workshops but with some very unique variations.

Alexander Yanai #82: A Clock In Front of The Face:
Feldenkrais taught variations of this session at his studio in Alexander Yanai, at Esalen and in nearly all of his trainings and public workshops. It was also in the Awareness Through Movement book.

Alexander Yanai #146: Bending the Spine In Sitting. This is a somewhat long, complex...and beautiful (in my opinion) Feldenkrais session from Alexander Yanai. That is done in a chair.

Alexander Yanai #147: Standing up from A Chair with Crossed Legs. Oh boy! This is a challenging session that people will often say is "not a public session," but I disagree. Go slow, only do what you can do and stop whenever you want.

Alexander Yanai #148: Twisting, Bending Spine (Intense)

Be careful with this one! It is a complex and challenging session, rarely taught outside of extended Feldenkrais trainings. Go very slow and stop whenever you want. Feel free to only do part of this session.

There are more than 30 Alexander Yanai- based sessions on the site now. Too many to list individually. And more are on the way!

A complete Feldenkrais Breathing Workshop

The breathng sessions are gentle, but can have some very cool, relaxing and yes - powerful effects. I once used them to get out of some lower back pain that I was having. And others have mentioned something similar.

1. Contracting The Abdomen While Exhaling: Also called "Parodoxical breathing. These and the sesssion below will open up your ribs and spine and create many movement possibilities for you.

2. Breathing While Twisted

3. Breathing In All Directions

Feldenkrais for TMJ, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Primary Movements of the Jaw

Shoulder, Neck and Jaw Connections – Getting rid of excess tension in your neck and shoulders will also help you to concentrate better and have more energy during the day.

Head and Jaw Integration – Crucial if you work at a computer or desk for long periods.

Eyes and Jaw Integration – Also helps to eliminate eyestrain!

Relax Your Tongue – Not found anywhere else and almost never treated. Tongue tension is nearly always “unconscious” and can have a dramatic effect on your symptoms.

Relax Your Lips I know, sounds weird! But it works!!!

Plus TEN other sessions, including 5 that you can do while sitting, 7 longer (45 minute) sessions from my Feldenkrais Classics series. And a session from the Awareness Through Movement book called, “becoming aware of parts of which we are not conscious with the help of those of which we are conscious.”

And more sessions will come your way each and every week!

Bonus 1: Private Facebook Group

Community and sharing is important. Because of this, I have created a private Facebook group where you can share your thoughts and get your questions answered. And the posts and conversations are only able to be seen by members. The group for the Easy Feldenkrais series will be just for you - just for us - to talk about and share our experiences with the sessions and with the work.

"I am the one who has been emailing and who hurt her back falling
at Kaiser emergency room. I want to tell you that your downloads
have made me very aware of the tension that has been held in my body,
I must say that I have not had a headache - at all - for about
three days!! What happened was, I went into your sessions and into
myself and I realized WHERE the problem was coming from. I finally
found the source...Thank you! You are one of three "heroes" in my life
right now - there is you, my "coach" who does accupressure and massage,
and my Feldenkrais practitioner, who personally trained with Moshe Feldenkrais....thank you, Ryan. " - Melinda Frances, California

"Thanks so much for offering this work at an affordable price. It is a real gift. - Adrienne"

"Ryan's delivery is excellent and well-paced, and very easy to follow. One of the best ways to pursue a Feldenkrais program independently." – Yvonn

"I've enjoyed every one of your offerings so far and am eager to see what you come up with next! I don't like going out to a studio to do lessons as it much more convenient to do them at home on my own schedule. So glad to have the opportunity to discover these lessons this way. Many thanks" -Adrienne

Bonus 2: Transcripts of all the sessions

All of the sessions on the site come with professionally-created transcripts. Use them to integrate the materials into your own classes and workshops and to further your own learning.


Listen online via your computer, smartphone, tablet or other internet-enabled device or download for offline use.

Once you join you will create a username and password and will be redirected to the members-only area where you will be able to listen to and download the Feldenkrais sessions (and bonuses) as they are released. At least one new session will be released every week, though very often it will be more, and they will be announced directly to you via email.

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  1. I have been an aerobic instructor and personal trainer for a very long time now. I have just entered into physical therapy for Lower Cross Syndrome and Bladder issues. I am trying to work through them, but what I have found is that I have been so concerned with instructing everyone else, being the most energetic one, doing whatever I am doing the hardest because if I don’t, everyone else will come in just under me on the effort scale.

    So, having said that, I have done a couple of the recordings you have sent out before. I never know how little of movement is little enough. I know its supposed to be quality over hard efforts, but I’m finding I don’t really know what that is! I am learning through PT that in the places I am dysfunctional, I am disconnected, so I don’t know where to stop, if I should keep going…and from the couple I have done it doesn’t seem to explain that. In my head I am doing it right, but maybe not….

    I want to use this for a few of my clients, but they are all extremely disconnected as well.

    Other things I would like to work on are my pinky toes seem to be up higher than the rest of the other toes, high arches in my feet, tight hip flexors, arched back, I catch myself walking with a forward lean unless I am pushing my hips forward, and keeping my shoulders and head back (not forward).

    Anyway, if there is anything you can do to help me understand, that would be great!

    Thank you so much,

    Laura U.

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