Feldenkrais TMJ Volume 2

Ryan, I was able to open this on my iPhone!! I've done 4 sessions now.....MUCH relief!! The change is remarkable. I did the eye/jaw session before bed last night and the tension behind my eyes was gone this morning....After a really good nights sleep. This is so wild!!! Thanks ever so much!!" - Michele Burian, Michigan

Feldenkrais Eliminate TMJ Pain Volume TWO

Seven complete sessions, several very rare. All can help you reduce and eliminate pain in your jaw, neck, and spine....

1. Pelvis and Jaw Connections (35 minutes)

Some highly unique and transformative variations that are not in any other Feldenkrais session. This session can have a dramatic positive effect on you. Integrating the movements of your lower body and pelvis into your jaw functioning can deeply relax you and help your TMJ to relax and move smoother and easier.

2. Eyes, Jaw and Knees (34 minutes)

This is very gentle - but also a very powerful session. having to do with the eyes, jaw, and knees (a strange, but useful combination!). Good for falling asleep, relaxing and getting rid of neck and jaw pain. Brand new! Enjoy.....

3. The Jaw (33 minutes)

This session created some amazing changes in my lower back and breathing...even though the "action" seems to be in the movements of the jaw and head. I think it can do the same for you. I hope you enjoy it! it is about 3e minutes and is done while lying down and sitting on the floor.

4. Hip, Shoulder, Jaw (46 minutes)

I chose to record this session for you because it is both gentle and effective. And it has a tendency to make folks fall asleep...which is a good sign that it can help certain parts of body and mind relax and let go of pain. I look forward to you doing it and sending me an email to tell me how it helped you reduce and eliminate stress in pain in your body.

5. Head, Pelvis, Tongue (38 Minutes)

This session may be reverberating through your system days after you do it. I hope you enjoy it. Though movements are relatively simple, they can have a profound impact on relieving stress throughout your head, neck, and jaw.

Special Bonus Sessions

In addition to the bonuses below, transcripts for all sessions are included at no additional cost.

I want to offer you two free bonus sessions (one extremely rare) to help you on your journey to a pain-free mouth, jaw, and spine.

6. Mouth and Head Cavity: Very Gentle and Effective (47 minutes)

This is one of those long, trancy sessions. And one that is incredibly rare. With a few exceptions, it is done in your imagination. And lying down. As much of this session happens in your "thinking" and your "moving imagination" everyone should be able to do it. It is very gentle (and effective). So...take you time...all the time you need to really enjoy and benefit from this session...

7. Eyes, Jaw, Back (35 minutes)

This session is also included in my Eliminate Back Pain Now series and it is a new favorite of many people. It is an integration of multiple functional patterns that can relax (somewhat paradoxically) your lower back, jaw, and neck.

All sessions, including transcripts: $57

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ryan_headshotAs you likely know already, I stand 100% behind what I sell. I want you to be delighted with these sessions. If you are not satisfied with the material, ask me and you will get your money back - no questions asked.