Eliminate Back Pain Now

These sessions have been helping folks get rid of back pain since I released the first version on April 12, 2007 over 12 years ago. Newly re-recorded with professional equipment. You can use these Feldenkrais sessions to get real, long-term, lasting relief from your back pain: lower, middle, and upper. You will begin getting relief with the first session as you also gain increased flexibility and comfort. You simply need a space to lie down, and 22 to 41 minutes (depending on the length of the session that you do).

If chiropractic, massage or physical therapy has not worked for you, you are in the right place. These sessions work. They help you change and eliminate the unconscious movement patterns that caused the strain and pain in the first place.

More than 3 hours of back pain relief spread out over more than 12 easy-to-do lessons. The mp3's are delivered automatically via email and you can download them and use them immediately. My Feldenkrais back pain relief exercises have worked for hundreds of people and they will work for you.

The Eliminate Back Pain NOW series

Five complete feldenkrais sessions:

1. Primary Movements of the Back (30 minutes). A substantial number of people get relief with just this session. Very gentle. Helps you let go of tension and create a flexible back so that pain never occurs.

2. Turning Through the Spine (35 minutes). - an amazing session that can eliminate strain that you didn't even know that you had.

3. Relax and Move the Back (43 minutes). - A session that you will do lying on your left side. Add more ease to your movement.

4. Cat-like Movements of Your Spine. (42 minutes). Have you ever seen a cat or dog gently but completely stretch and lengthen its spine? This session will evoke similar movements for you. A healthy spine is critical to eliminating back pain...this one will help you get there!

5. NEW: Back, Jaw and Pelvis Connections (35 minutes). Can you LOVE a Feldenkrais session? I certainly can. This session can be thought of as a continuation of "Primary Movements of the Back" above. It adds some unique variations of your back movements and helps integrate your neck and jaw in ways that can deeply relax you. I only recently add to the eliminate back pain series after getting great feedback from many of my students.

Total Relaxation Back Pain Elimination Breathing Sessions

(over 60 minutes)

Discover complete relaxation through breathing. And eliminate back pain caused by breathing stress. These sessions will amplify your changes from the Eliminate Back Pain Now series by helping your ribs, lungs and pelvis move easier and simpler, eliminating back pain symptoms caused by muscular tension in these areas.

Contracting the Abdomen While Breathing (20 minutes) - this short lesson will relax the hell out of you. Variations of this session are in Moshe's Awareness Through Movement book. This particular version is based on Alexander Yanai #21.

Breathing While Twisted (21 minutes) - DEEPLY Relaxing!

Breathing In All Directions (20 minutes) - Great for middle and upper back pain. Based on an important and classic Feldenkrais session called, "Alexander Yanai #179, To Weld By Breathing."

Plus: Eliminate Back Pain While Sitting (At No Additional Cost)

Ryan, I just finished listening to the 4th session from your "Eliminating Back Pain While Sitting Series." I've had some lower back pain and discomfort for more than a month. It has been bad enough to disturb my sleep. After this 4th session, I can already feel more comfort and less discomfort. Incredible. And the best part is that the process is enjoyable, not requiring any painful exercises or stretching. It feels like a natural process of healing. Thanks Ryan."- Rob McNeilly, MD, Hobart, Australia

These are great for use at home or office. Get relief from your back pain while sitting in your chair! Do these Feldenkrais sessions anywhere you can sit down. Concentrate better, feel better, gain increased flexibility and comfort. Get rid of the pain. Begin using them immediately, wherever you are, even on your cellphone.

The Eliminate Back Pain While Sitting Exercises

Here's what is in your free bonus sessions:

Turning Right and Left (19 minutes) - Turning more easily eliminates back pain stress.

Opening and Folding (21 minutes)- this amazing session aligns your back, spine, and rib cage for sitting in comfort.

Chasing Your Hip (12 minutes) - a strange little session that "just works".

Full Sitting Integration (20 minutes) - put it all together!

Transcripts for all sessions are included at no additional cost.


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"How Does This Work?"

As soon as you purchase, a link to download the sessions is sent directly to your email address...you can download to your computer and start using instantly! Links to enjoy the sessions on your smartphone or tablet are also provided

My Personal Guarantee To You

ryan_headshotAs you likely know already, I stand 100% behind what I sell. I want you to be delighted with these sessions. If you are not satisfied with the material, ask me and you will get your money back - no questions asked.