Body/Mental Imagery and Attention

Relax Your Body And Mind Only With Your Attention

The audio sessions in this downloadable Feldenkrais-based product mainly involve concentration and focus on the different parts of your body. Thus, anyone can do them regardless of experience with Feldenkrais and regardless of physical ability. They range from 4 to 40 minutes, so you can find a session that fits into your schedule and time-frame

What you might find most fascinating is that when you get up and move after the sessions, there will be changes in your bodily experience and how you move. Sometimes big changes.

Here's What You Will Get

Orienting: Environment, Body, Breath (Sitting, 13 min)

If you have done somatic experiencing work, this session may seem familiar to you. It is short (13-min) but can be powerful. And I encourage you to do this session first and then move onto any session below which interests you. It can help you reduce stress and create a sense of safety and relaxation.

Experience it in multiple safe locations. I did this one several times at home and the a few weeks later did it outside on the patio of a coffee shop. It changed my state so much that I stopped working, closed my computer, went home, got my two dogs and went to the beach to relax! It has become a favorite of my Easy Feldenkrais members.

Take All The Time That You Want (5 min, sitting)

This is a good session to do if you only have a few minutes. It is about creating a body/environment focus of your choice and then seeing how that affects you. It is very relaxing and can help you regain your focus.

Scanning The Bones (10 min, Sitting)

A unique Feldenkrais session, not found anywhere else. I created it by special request from people in my Easy Feldenkrais series who wanted some shorter sessions that they can do to relax/refocus when they only have a few minutes. Can be relaxing and rejuvenating. And will change you how think of and experience your body.

Scan: Your Five Cardinal Lines (7:30 min, lying down)

A "scan" is Feldenkrais lingo for taking a few moments before, during and after movements to rest, give yourself time to integrate movements and notice changes. This is a 7-minute session that is ONLY a scan. It is adapted from the session below called "Deep Scan."

Painting The Left Side of The Body (40 min, lying down)

Have you ever done an "asymmetrical" Feldenkrais session - a session done on only one side of the body? They are fascinating. This one is done in your imagination only - and only on your left side. Sound strange? You may be surprised by what you can learn by doing this session. I recommend that you do this session the first time while lying down. Later you can experiment with sitting or lying on the stomach if you would like to.

Esalen Deep Scan: The Session That Started It All (Lying down, 38 min)

This is aclassic session. It is based on the session that Feldenkrais taught when he started the famed Esalen workshop. It has some unique body imagery and gentle movements of the head and shoulders near the end.

Transcripts Included

Word-for-word written transcripts of the sessions. Very useful if you are a practitioner who wants to teach these sessions yourself or if English is not your first language.


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My Personal Guarantee To You

ryan_headshotAs you likely know already, I stand 100% behind what I sell. I want you to be delighted with these sessions. If you are not satisfied with the material, ask me and you will get your money back - no questions asked.