If you are in Feldenkrais, Somatics, or any other helping profession and you want direction and clarity, I can help you.

For the first time in many years, I am offering 1-on-1 business and strategy coaching.

I can help you get clear on who you want to work with and why.

And how to reach out to people with specific solutions, and connect to them with a narrative and service that can help them.

I have been at this for nearly 20 years and have created successful businesses in Feldenkrais, Psychotherapy, and internet marketing and helped many others improve their business results.

I created an independent practice and lifestyle (and have lived abroad since 2010) because I developed online income streams and kept the ability to support myself by working independently.

Some suggestions of what we can cover, depending on your desire:

- create a clear marketing message

- get noticed on google and social media

- turn your idea into a practice or product.

- make more income

- create an online practice in a simple and straightforward manner

- feedback and strategizing about a Feldenkrais or Somatics-based project or service that you want to sell.

- any questions about building an online practice, including what software to use (I have been at this for many years and have used many applications and shopping carts

- strategizing about the next years of growing your independent practice and business

- review of marketing materials and website.

For those interested in doing a Feldenkrais or Somatics training program:

- any question that you have about Feldenkrais and somatics.

- questions about the various training programs

- and just about anything else that you would like to discuss that will not get me in legal trouble or jail! 🙂

Get clear on what you want and your next steps!

If you are interested please check out my schedule below.

I have a limited number of sessions available:

We will do this via Zoom (or phone if you prefer) and we can record the conversation if you would like to.