Rising Sales, Changing Expectations

I have recently had several very good months for the sales of my downloadable Feldenkrais mp3 products. My sales on Amazon and iTunes have tripled and the sales via my Feldenkrais website are about 50% higher than they normally are. Putting paper and pencil to what I need to live and be happy here in Mexico, I think another $1000 per month in passive income from download sales will give me what I need. At least in the long term. Short term, I am still cranking out online psychotherapy conferences with my business partner Rob McNeilly. I do not know why my Amazon and iTunes sales have increased so dramatically. I am wondering if I have reached some critical mass of positive 5-star reviews? Or perhaps my albums are now placed higher in the rankings within those services? I do not know.

But the increase in sales has re-energized my efforts to create Feldenkrais products that I can sell online. I have spent the last few weeks creating a series on using Feldenkrias to reduce tension and strain in the eyes and to improve eye-functioning. As I have been creating and experimenting with the series, I have been stunned - STUNNED - by how much relaxation and tension release I have been able to achieve. I hope the experience will be the same for other people who use the series.

I have also felt a much stronger desire to re-organize my online efforts. It makes less and less sense to spend so much time blogging on my Utah Feldenkrais website. I have not lived in Utah for nearly 3 years. And I am bit bored by thinking of myself as "Feldenkrais Practitioner." The Feldenkrais Guild System has turned Feldenkrais into a negative idea. At least for me. I hope to bring all that traffic and subscribers here to RyanNagy.Com

Changing Email Subscription Options

For the few of you who are subscribed to this blog, I should let you know that I will soon be adding the option to decide WHAT posts you will receive. I realize that I blog on some topics that you do not care about and others which you do. The basic categories for email subscriptions that I have (subject to change) is:

Expat Life And Travel
Feldenkrais, Meditation, Hypnosis
Search and Marketing
Self and Epistemology
The Technology of Technology

The categories of "Feldenkrais, Mediation, Hypnosis" and "Self and Epistemology" could perhaps be merged. But I foresee a time when Feldenkrais will be a term that I do not use to describe my work. There are common threads within Feldenkrais, Meditation and Ericksonian Hypnosis which are not exclusive to any particular idea of what Feldenkrais, Meditation and Ericksonian Hypnosis "IS." Nor in fact what a particular person is.

I hope you are doing well out there.


I am a lifetime fan of the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, a blogger and internet marketer living in Mexico. I create and sell kick-ass downloadable Feldenkrais series such as my Easy Feldenkrais Series and Feldenkrais Classics series. You can find my other Feldenkrais products at Feldenkrais MP3. I occasionally organize online conferences related to brief therapy and Ericksonian hypnosis: Psychotherapy Conferences