Semiologic Updated, Google Indexed and Back In Action

Google Appliance as shown at RSA Expo 2008 in ...

Thanks to Denis DeBernardy's last update of Semiologic Pro (affiliate link) this blog is up and running without the annoying WordPress hack vulnerabilities from 2008.

And thanks to Google's re-appraisal of my blog, I am now back in the search engine results. Google had taken many of the hacked sites out of the rankings as there were all kinds of spam links and header changes an the like. I lost all of my Google traffic for several months.

For those of you who have ever been banned from google you know that it is very annoying and quite shocking. It's a bit like that feeling of deep anxiety you can get when trying to avoid a car crash. Of course, google is not out to harm you or your business. If you have got hacked and have recently fixed your site, or if you engaged in black hat/grey hat techniques on your website and have since repented and seen the errors of your ways - by all means, fix your site and request re-inclusion. It can take several months, but you have nothing to lose.

To requestion re-inclusion of your website or blog, you must have a google account. Log in, go to "webmaster tools" and send a message to google telling them why you should be included and what you have done to correct the problem.