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Stereofame Saturday Party SXSW 2009
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I just noticed that Ken Underwood founder of Stereofame has 3300 followers on twitter, not a huge amount by twitter standards but pretty damn impressive considering that he gained them all in about 2 weeks and that they are relevant followers (i.e. music lovers, bands and fans who use Stereofame). I thought it was worth a mention.

Stereofame keeps growing by leaps and bounds, they have nearly 9000 bands sharing and selling music on the site, users of the site tend to stay on it for hours at a time and it recently got an honorable mention for a Webby. They are seriously pushing the envelope in the social marketing realm. But where is the blogger love?

So far the blogosphere and the media has not caught up to Stereofame. It seems that the people who really "get" the site are the bands and music uber-geeks who, like me, listen to music all day and are constantly jonesing for new styles. When Stereofame goes viral and hits big-time, remember where you heard about it first - from Ryan Nagy.

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