Google’s Searched-Based Keyword Tool (for PPC)

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If you are using Google's Pay-Per-Click advertising program (called "Adwords"), you may have encountered the problem of deciding what keywords to pick when setting up your Pay-Per-Click campaign. Google's original keyword tool had some limitations as it would require you to "seed" the initial results and pick what terms you wanted to use. It's search engine traffic estimates where often off and the data it used was often several week or months out of date.

Most annoying was the fact that google did not give you recommendations specifically tailored to your website. No more!

Google's New Search and Website-based Keyword Tool

Google has finally created a search and website-based keyword tool that will scan your website and Google's own keyword search data to give you specific keyword suggestions based on the two. In other words, it will help you pick keywords based on the content of your website and the actual searches that people do on Google. You do not have to have a google account or be logged into a google account in order to use this tool:

Play around with the tool. You may find it enlightening.

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