Selling Your Published Book as an Ebook

In a previous post, I mentioned doing some search engine optimization for Gregg Cochlan on the website for his book, Love Leadership: What the World Needs Now. Gregg is a Canadian author who not only sells domestically, but also to the U.S. and international market.

The problem that Gregg was having, similar that of another author that I work with, was that Amazon's 55% "fee" and the cost of shipping the books to Amazon, was eating up his profit. Gregg asked me if I could help him sell his book online and avoid some of Amazon's fees. I told him that I could.

What I did was set-up a shopping cart system called "E-Junkie" so that people could buy the book directly from Gregg. E-Junkie only costs $5.00 per month, and it can be used to sell both downloadable ("digital") products such as ebooks, software and mp3's and physical products. Gregg is now selling "Love Leadership" as an eBook. He emailed me yesterday to let me know that he got his first ebook sale! Very nice. I hope he gets many, many more.

If you want to see how Gregg is selling his book, go directly to his website: Love Leadership. And to plug one of my own products, if you want a simple way to sell online AND you want someone to walk you through the process, consider buying my E-Junkie Quick Start Videos.

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  1. Hi.
    My name is Silvia Russek.
    I wrote an ebook but I’m new in all about selling and managing a web store and all that stuff, so I need help.
    One of my problems is that I’m from Mexico, so my English is not so well and I don’t know too much about computers.
    I already have two pages, one in Godaddy and one in SBI (where I have my site), where I advertise the book, I have the thank you page and I have an account with Paypal, but I don’t know how to do all the download.
    The book is in English and in Spanish and when people buy it they have some bonus free (I don’t have them all now) but I don’t know what to do so they can download them.
    I think I will have some more products also.
    Can you help me with these?
    Do you speak spanish.?
    I hope you undestand me.
    Which is your fee?

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