Google Adsense Account Disabled? Try Adbrite.

One of my coaching clients woke up yesterday to a message in her inbox that read:

"Adsense Account Disabled"

She has adsense on nearly a dozen websites, a few that get daily hits in the thousands. Needless to say, she is not pleased. Seriously pissed off, and ready to scream is a way of characterizing her response. We are going through the process of appealing the decision, but who knows how long that will take.

There are other options of course. One would be to open another Adsense account under her company name. The previous account was under her personal name.

But before she does that, we have decided to look for other alternatives. Even if she puts google ads back on her website, it would be a good idea to have some small percentage of advertising revenue from another source.

The first that we are trying is Adbrite:

Adbrite, like Google, strives to show ads relevant to a website's content. Adbrite however is much more flexible and slightly more intrusive. In addition, to the google-like text ads, they have banner ads, full page ads, and ads that turn words in your website into text-link ads. They will do all four types of ads at once if you let them!

Adbrite Issues

There are two issues that I can see with Adbrite right now. One concerns the targetting of the ads. Adbrite has fewer advertisers so they cannot always get relevant ads to your website. On my client's website, 3 of the 5 ads are relevant to her content. The other ones are lame ads that don't make much sense. They are likely to have a low click-through rate and less revenue potential.

However, the main issue is how the revenue compares. Can you make as much money with Adbrite as you can with Google? I think the answer is "no." But I will not know for another few weeks. However, if you do get banned by Google, Adbrite is certainly a legitimate company that offers another revenue stream.

I will let you know how it turns out. If you want to give it a trial run, click my affiliate link below. The system works just like Google. You simply apply and then cut and paste the code. Adbrite takes about 24-hours to fully index your website and match it with the appropriate advertisers:

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