E-Junkie Video Tutorial: Learn E-Junkie in 3-Easy Steps

With the brief, but lovely mentioning of Ejunkie, on CNN Money, I though now might be a good time to remind everyone of the quickest, easiest, and simplest way to get up and running on E-Junkie:

Quick Start Videos for selling your products on E-Junkie

Over 30 minutes of step-by-step video tutorials - everything you need to start selling your digital downloads on E-Junkie (will work for your physical products as well)

Just download the ejunkie quicktime videos and follow along:

I followed Ryan's e-junkie videos and had 3 audio products for sale in less than an hour!!!! Simply amazing. I'm adding more audios and will soon add an ebook.
Rob McNeilly, The Centre of Effective Therapy, North Hobert, Australia

The topics in the 7 videos are:

* E-Junkie overview and get your 7-day free trial (no credit card required).

* Create your first product and upload it.

* Insert a "buy-now" button on your blog or website (it's easy, just copy and paste!).

* Test your product download links and change product options.

* Create a free listing and sell in the E-Junkie online shop.

* Bonus Video #1: Using iTunes to create mp3 audios.

* Bonus Video #2: Critical Paypal facts.

$19.97 USD

Instant Download: Purchase through E-Junkie using either Paypal or Google Checkout:

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