Niche Marketing and Podcasts…

Several weeks ago, I finally got around to starting a podcast. I have a website geared toward a community of so-called "alternative health practitioners." The podcast is aimed towards practitioners, theorists and trainers of this method (called the Feldenkrais Method) and I post mp3 interviews on a blog attached to the website. The calls are recorded on Skype. I edit them on a Mac and post them myself.

The net effect of the podcast has been to increase my traffic by about 500%. Granted, my initial traffic was only about 10 - 15 hits per day. Even so, I now get 50 - 100 hits per day and I expect that to grow as I add new interviewees and get more subscribers through iTunes and RSS.

All in all, it has been a great experience and a strategy for building traffic and name recognition that I highly recommend.