Dr. Laura Crawshaw: The Boss Whisperer

Given that the "Boss Whisperer" was the inspiration for the "Web Whisperers" moniker, I thought I would take a moment and promote Dr. Crawshaw's new book, Taming the Abrasive Manager: How to End Unnecessary Roughness in the Workplace. National Boss Day is coming up on October 16th and you can bet that you will be hearing many interviews with Laura on various radio and T.V. shows.

And since I was involved in the implementation of Dr. Crawshaw's new website, it seems appropriate to give it a little "nudge"* in the search engines and help the new website get quickly indexed by Google. So here you go: The Boss Whisperer.

*People sometimes wonder what benefits accrue from having a blog (like this one) either as a stand-alone website or attached to another "static" website. One advantage is that blogs can have many "RSS" feeds and "Pinging" services attached to them. What that means in non-geek speak is that there are dozons of services that actively search for and index content from blogs. When I publish a new post, nearly a dozen different services are sent a short message (a ping) that lets them know to come and check out my new content. In this case, the content has outgoing links - as in the links about to Laura's website and the Amazon page where her book can be bought. Those webpages will be indexed as well.

Rather than waiting for google to stop by and index your site a few hours or days after you put up your new content, you can "blog and ping" and get indexed (or re-indexed) in just a few minutes.

That's my story and I am sticking to it.

cheers - Ryan