Hi all – I got feedback yesterday from several people that my video was WAY too long and rambling. I agree. My apologies.

The quick question that I have is: Where is your main interest and need?

1) The “Find A Practitioner” website would include practitioners worldwide and would start out having a basic listing (likely for free) for everyone with options to simply add a google map and link to your website (for some type of additional payment). It would simultaneously build your brand and visibility and that of the Method, while making it easier for the public to find Feldenkrais practitioners worldwide. It is one heck of a complicated project and have spend quite a bit of time on it. I would to get a sense of how important it is to practitioners to have this new resource.

2) The second project, “The Feldenkrais Insider” would give you access to short form (5 to 15 minute) podcasts and videos as well as long form (an hour or longer) videos and podcasts and would be pulling from the international Feldenkrais community, including “famous” and “soon-to-be famous” practitioners and thought leaders. It would also have detailed historical and philosophical blog posts about the method. The goal would be to give folks access to materials and ideas and insights that had been previously hard to find.

Unlike my previous podcast and blogging, this would be more of a membership website, with a small charge to access the materials.

Again, the question that I have, if you want to answer: Where is your main interest and need?

In the last four years, I have launched about a dozen projects in the psychotherapy field and have had several thousand people in my online events and conferences. I would like to duplicate those results in the Feldenkrais world and need some feedback, if you have the time or interest.

Just leave a comment below.



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Ok, as I alluded to in my last blog post, I am creating some new projects in the Feldenkrais world. But after doing some thinking and planning, I realized that I need some input on how to move forward…and more specifically on WHICH project to do first. Can you help?

The Feldenkrais Insider: Find a Feldenkrais Practitioner

Comments below. I may not respond individually to all of them, but I will read and use all the replies.

If you want to get updated in a timely manner and not miss out on the launch of both projects, it is recommended that you click to get email updates.

By the way, I am a little bit “wordy” in the video. My apologies. I hope to get better as I record more videos.

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Oh god….I think I might be ready to jump into the unknown again and launch a big, new project in the Feldenkrais community. I very rarely feel fear or anxiety when I start new projects but I feel them on this one.

The internet has brought so many changes into our lives and consciousness (good and bad) and has created so many new movements, companies and wealth. But in the Feldenkrais world, I do not think it has lived up to its potential. Our various efforts have been so fragmented and Feldenkrais people seem to have some difficulties grasping marketing…

But hey, maybe NOW is the time for change.

I largely gave up on doing podcasting in 2010 over four years ago. My last podcast was with Mia Segal and Leora Gaster. I stopped because the podcasts were taking up a lot of time and making me very little income. But the tech skills and connections that I created were applicable in so many other areas that I was able to create Feldenkrais download products, online psychotherapy conferences, affiliate income and to move to a foreign country and learn Spanish and the art of being an expat. But I have been trying in earnest to return to my roots as a podcaster, interviewer and historian (and yes, a rabble rouser) in the Feldenkrais community.

I may have found a way back! I will keep you posted. Click to Get Updates To This Blog.,

Ryan C. Nagy, M.A.
desde “The Italian Coffee Company”
Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico.

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I thought this was a brilliantly done “send up” of modern marketing and parody by Nathan Fielder, the Founder of “Dumb Starbucks.” Perhaps with a deep message for the Feldenkrais Practitioners, Ericksonian Hypnotists and other so-called “Alternative Health” Practitioners. Art, marketing, comedy and health perhaps have some similarities:

Nathan has a show on Comedy Central, Nathan For You which is now on my watch list for comedy and zany marketing insights.

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No Feldenkrais Practitioner In Your Area? That’s Ok!! You have got me, Ryan. And for a while longer, you can still get my kick-ass Feldenkrais downloads before the prices go up. Purchase, download, lie down. Change your movement and your life: Feldenkrais Sessions by Ryan

Nearly all of my Feldenkrais sessions come with transcripts. This can be a big help if you are not a native English speaker or if you are practitioner of some sort who wants to teach his or her own Feldenkrais classes. Get my session with transcripts to save yourself a ton of time and prep work:

By the way – I am writing you this message as I am about to raise prices on all my products. I have kept my prices steady for almost 4 years but as I move into the next phase of my business and life, I need to change my pricing structure so that I can justify creating more products.

The photo at the top of this blog post is being used with permission from my good friend Alfons Graber. Alfons swears that he owns the photo and that the woman is question is “just a friend.” ha! Alfons wrote the amazing My Feldenkrais Book and he now has a permanent invitation to any of my parties in Mexico to be introduced to my witty and beautiful friends. See below. I am the handsome bald man, in case you did not know:

NagyCollage1BlogB. Never, ever ever.

Remember: Ryan Nagy creates awesome Feldenkrais downloads.

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Can people recover from schizophrenia? Can they recover from psychosis? It is a fascinating question as “schizophrenia” and “psychosis” are – at their most basic level – labels. They are socially and legally defined labels used by healthcare providers and hospitals and clinicians and the like. So to “recover” from schizophrenia and psychosis could be thought of as how to recover from being labeled!

Does that make sense?

As a society and as clinicians what if we stopped using the labels? What if a person manifesting “out of the ordinary” behaviors such as hearing voices was treated as someone with a special ability? What if we helped people explore their voices and the meaning of those voices and learn to work with them?

These are just a few of the questions that you can explore in “Therapy On The Wildside” a conference that I created to help therapists learn to work with extreme states of consciousness. This conference comes with free continuing education units. I hope you will consider taking a look!

- Ryan Nagy
Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico

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