“Moshe Did Not Do ATM” – Marty Weiner (A Podcast)

Moshe did not do ATM. What do you think he did, lie on the floor and give himself verbal instructions?! He lay on the floor and felt his body and what he was doing…and that led him into many discoveries.- Martin Weiner.

I am spending some time these days reviewing my previous podcast interviews in preparation for the possibility of starting them up again in a membership site. While listening to my second podcast with Martin Weiner, I ran across his words above. If you are new to the podcast or simply want to list again, it can be found on the page below:

Feldenkrais Podcast #2 : Further down the Rabbit Hole with Marty Weiner

My first podcast with Marty can be found here: Feldenkrais Podcast #1: A Conversation with Martin Weiner.

Enjoy! – Ryan

What Do You NOT Want To Change?

I posted the quote below on my Facebook Ryan Nagy Feldenkrais page” and I thought you might want to take a look. It is from one of my favorite books called “The Logic of Failure” which has some great non-intuitive insights about change

“….advocates of progress often have too low an opinion of what already exists. When we set out to change things, in other words, we don’t pay enough attention to what we want to leave unchanged.” Dietrich Dorner. The Logic Of Failure: Recognizing And Avoiding Error In Complex Situations

My question to you (feel free to answer in a comment below). What do you NOT want to change in your practice? What do you NOT want to change in the Feldenkrais community? What do you not want to change about yourself or life?


Do They Know Something That You Do Not?


The first year in which I brought in over 100,000 dollars from my various online ventures was 2013. I remember it very distinctly as I massively underpaid my taxes and had to come up with a large tax payment very quickly! I brought in over 100K last year (2014) and in the year that is coming, I am on track to “hit it out of the ballpark” as the Americans like to say.

The World Needs Your Work….

When I first started doing podcasts years ago with people in the Feldenkrais community, I did not have any idea where it would lead me. I had not yet released my first Feldenkrais products that would earn me tens of thousands of dollars. I had not yet created my business organizing online conferences for psychotherapists and psychologists which would connect me with thousands of people all over the world. I had yet to leave the U.S.A and fulfill my life-long dream of living in a foreign country and learning a second language… in fact it had not even occurred to me to do any of those things… at least not consciously.

There Is One Key Thing You Need to Do…

I did however, do ONE thing right that allowed me to massively grow my influence and have an impact on the world. And I did it very well and continue to do so. And even though I have made some mistakes over the years, that one thing has continued to pay dividends for me, my business partners and friends…and for the Feldenkrais Method itself.

What is that one thing? Well, let me say it simply:

“Build A Following.”

You need to have people reading your website, following your Facebook page, and checking to see what you are up to.

cheers! Ryan

By the way – What’s so special about Feldenkrais practitioners who are able to build large followings and have a large influence in the community?

The answer is nothing. No offense to my talented friends who do good work. But they (and I) are not all that different from you. In fact, you may be even more of an expert. Many of you are certainly more talented at the Feldenkrais Method and have more knowledge of your particular area of expertise. So what is the difference? Building a following.

If this idea interests you, stay tuned. I just might be promoting something that will help you build your own following and reach more people…for you…and for the amazing work that we do.

Maybe Feldenkrais Did Not Actually Say This?

Maybe Feldenkrais Did Not Actually Say This?

Just a few moments ago, I got an email from someone asking for a reference for two very common Feldenkrais quotes. I have a pretty damn big electronic database of Moshe’s writings but I could not find them. How about you?

Here they are:

“I am not seeking to develop flexible bodies, but flexible minds . . . I am interested in the re-establishment of our human dignity.”


“What I’m after is to restore each person to their human dignity”.

What say you? Did he actually say or right them or did we as a community make them up or mash together several different citations and references.

I did find a couple of references regarding human dignity but practically nothing with flexible minds and bodies.

If you don’t have choice, if you can’t do the same thing in at least two different ways, you are a machine. If you can’t differentiate the movement, if you have an alternative way of doing something, you restore human dignity to what it could be.August 18, 1977, San Francisco, during a conversation with Hienz Von Foerster

A society of men and women with greater awareness of themselves will, I believe, be one that will work for the human dignity of its members rather than primarily for the abstract, collective notion of human society. Article: Man and World.

By seeing the others imitating him, he suddenly realized that he did not know what he was doing. As soon as he realized that, he did it exactly like all the others. His learning took ten seconds. He recaptured his freedom of choice and regained human dignity. The Elusive Obvious page 117.

In terms of the “flexible minds” and “flexible bodies” I could not get an exact match on either phrase in my database….hmmm. Interesting. Flexibly body came up a bit in the Alexander Yanai series. But we must remember that those are traductions to English from the original Hebrew. There were 7 references here is a sample:

In a flexible body there is hardly any difference whether you lean on one hand or the other.

Flexible mind and Flexible minds did not appear at all….+

So were does this leave us? Is my database missing some material? I believe that I have all of the San Francisco and Amherst notes. I also have the Esalen Workshop, all of the Alexander Yanai and all of Moshe’s published books and articles. Yet I could not find either of the two quotes above…


Have You Seen This Awesome Image of Moshe Feldenkrais?

Hey there! There is an artistic rendering of Moshe Feldenkrais that currently only exists in one location in the entire world: My office! Some of you have already seen it as it was in the background of a video that I shot two years ago. It was on the wall of the “casita” behind my house where I did much of my video and audio recording and editing…

Have You Seen It Before?

Click to Enlarge!

Click to Enlarge!

Would You Like Your Own Copy of That Drawing?

Here you are! Click to download. It will open in another tab and you can do a File > Save As.


I was initially selling it, but enough people bought it overnight so that I can now give it away.

Happy Holidays! That photo is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it. Use it however you choose.

Peace out – Ryan

An Important New Feldenkrais Book…

An Important New Feldenkrais Book…

As many of you know, I have been pushing the idea of having more people write books on Moshe Feldenkrais and The Feldenkrais Method. Books are such an important factor for building credibility for individual practitioners and for the method itself. I am happy – very happy – to report that a new Feldenkrais book has arrived.

Written by one of Moshe’s original students, it is called “Ways out of Cerebral Palsy during Infancy and Early Childhood with the Feldenkrais Method.” Very well done and covering not only cerebral palsy but also the political and sociological aspects of the work amongst other topics. I will post a detailed review in a future blog post.

Enjoy. Here is the link again. You can purchase it and be reading it on your computer in less than a minute: Ways out of Cerebral Palsy with the Feldenkrais Method.