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I have spent more than 20 years of my life looking for and trying to create a type of change that I did not understand nor have a word for. Actually, I did not even have a conceptual framework for it. I know now what it is and how it works and it is fucking awesome. I will be teaching it on this website and inviting some key people to join me and teach as well. I am speaking to identity level change.

Identity level change is the process of arranging your self image and concepts of yourself and body so that many of the things that you want for yourself happen with near automaticity. In the past, following Feldenkrais's work I would have placed identity change under the concept of self-image. But I have realized that self-images (more than one) is more accurate and actionable. For a short overview see this blog post.

What happened to Feldenkrais?

For many years on this blog, I have been focusing primarily on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. However, the work of Feldenkrais is only one of the major influences of my life. Others include Milton H. Erickson and his many students and intellectual heirs. Others include my graduate studies in systems theory and psychology and a life-long interest in travel which has sent me all over the globe learning various languages and ways of being in the world. Feldenkrais is a major driver of what I do and where I go, but it is certainly not the only one.

Feldenkrais, though very powerful, does have major limitations. Some of these limitations are about the work itself and what it can do. Other limitations are mainly concerned with the social and legal implementation of the work. That is, how the work has been transformed and limited by people who want to control and profit from it.

The truth is, the hands on (sometimes called Functional Integration), and verbal sessions (sometimes called Awareness Through Movement) are often not the panacea that many people claim. The work is powerful, yes, But it is simply not true that Feldenkrais leads directly to emotional independence.

There are unconscious processes and habits that are not touched by the Feldenkrais. Habits of emotional dependency, economic dependency, metaphorical confusions, confusion about life and society - and many other "confusions" - that again, cannot be reached simply by working with sensory-motor processes. These ideas are the subject - both directly and indirectly of many posts on this website. And more are on the way.

Ryan's Background

I am former drug dealer and drug addict. I have been homeless and spent many months living in my car and sleeping on the beach and in national forests throughout the United States. Abuse, pain, depression? Yes, I have been there. And sometimes I slide back into feeling bad. But it happens less and less these days.

Now, I am an American Expat currently living in MĂ©rida, Mexico which is in the state of Yucatan.

I left the United States on September 1st, 2010, having spent several years after a Feldenkrais training getting a Bachelors and Masters in Developmental Psychology, doing some work towards a PhD, creating a Feldenkrais practice and learning and traveling all over the world.

I was able to leave the U.S. because I developed online passive income streams and created the ability to support myself by working online through the internet. I make passive income selling Feldenkrais mp3 downloads (on another of my websites) and from my online psychotherapy conferences, a venture that I run with Rob McNeilly one of Milton Erickson's students.

Living abroad has been absolutely amazing. I speak Spanish, have crazy Mexican adventures and manage my various online business interests.

If you want to keep up with what I do, and learn how to expand your practice and diversify your business, thoughts and income streams, consider joining my email list and viewing my blog: ryannagy.com/blog More to come.

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6 thoughts on “Ryan Nagy

  1. Ryan,

    My link to the trauma conference expired and I wanted to check my downloads. Can you send me an active link?


  2. I love what you wrote about getting the work of the wonderful people you mentioned into the hands of as many people as possible – and with as few restrictions as possible – you are speaking to one of my passions also. I’m distress with the ignorance of so many “professional” people who are more interested in promoting their favourite, “right”, approach, often exploring pathological defects that need fixing rather than focusing on the individual client and their potential resourcefulness. Keep up the work that you are doing.

  3. Hi Ryan
    Giovanna gave me your info. I live in Merida and am a contact improvver and bodyworker who had done the first year or two of the feldenkrais training many years ago with the Reeses. I’ve been wanting to call another local dance friend of mine I haven’t been in touch with, Ligia Aguilar, about teaching classes in my house but never got on it. Do you know her? Anyway, thanks for your site, and I am looking for teachers for Feldenkrais in my space to get back into dancing more. Copy Gio if you write me please because I’m terrible at keeping up with email and miss most messages.

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